(16February2021) 5 new people have tested positive for the corona virus in Balestrand. They have all been in quarantine for over a week. There will be no additional local restrictions or recommendations in addition to the national recommendations. 

(15February2021) No cases of infection have been detected in the municipality since February 9th. All tests have been negative. This text will be updated if there are more positive tests of the corona virus in Balestrand.  

It's important that everyone follow the rules and recommendations for infection control:  

  • Keep distance to others  
  • Wash your hands 
  • Get tested and stay at home if you are ill 

(12February2021) Normalization of the enforced masures from Monday February 15th 

The infection situation in the municipality is now at such a level that from next week it is considered not to be necessary with local measures beyond the national ones. 

In connection with the outbreak of the corona virus in Balestrand, Sogndal municipality has had local measures and recommendations to prevent the spread of the infection. Everything now indicates that the outbreak has been limited and that we do not have an ongoing infection in the municipality. 

Current rules and recommendations from February 15th in Sogndal municipality will be the national rules and recommendations, which you can find in English at helsenorge.no: 

Coronavirus – Overview of rules and recommendations in Norway - helsenorge.no 

New local rules and recommendations may be introduced if the infection situation changes. 

(12February2021) All 4 tests taken in Balestrand February 10th were negative. There has not been registered cases of infection in Sogndal municipality since February 9th. The municipality has taken over 5000 corona virus tests since March 2020. 

(9March2021) Five new people in Balestrand have tested positive for the corona while they have been in quarantine. 

- It shows how important it is to put close contacts in quarantine, even if these tests are negative. That those who are now sick have been in quarantine, shows that we have done a good job in tracking the infection, but also that the first person who got sick tested himself, so that we could find the others as quickly as possible, says infection control doctor Leiv Erik Husabø. 

After the five positive test results that came on Tuesday, there are now 14 isolated and 19 people in quarantine in Balestrand. Husabø emphasizes that apart from the first case, all those infected in the outbreak in Balestrand have a known route of infection. 

- The outbreak is limited, and no one is seriously ill, he says.

The municipality is in close dialogue with the National Institute of Public Health, and the assessment is that it is not necessary to implement further measures in municipal institutions as the situation is now. 

(8March2021) The outbreak of the corona virus in Balestrand is not due to the mutated virus. 

On Monday, we got an answer regarding some of the samples that were sent to Haukeland University Hospital. The tests show that the corona virus outbreak in Balestrand last week was not due to one of the more contagious variants of the virus. 

Bergen and the surrounding municipalities are experiencing outbreaks of the English variant and the South African variant of the virus. From 7 February to 14 February, reinforced measures have been introduced in this region to prevent the spread of infection. 

(6March2021) On Saturday, one person in Balestrand tested positive for the corona virus. This means that a total of 9 people in Balestrand have been diagnosed with the corona virus this week. The person who tested positive on Saturday is a close contact with a previously infected person and has been quarantined. 

(5March2021) On Friday 4 people in Balestrand tested positive for the corona virus. They are all close contacts to previously infected people. 

(5March2021) Implemented measures on Friday to prevent further spread of the corona virus in Balestrand: 

  • Extra measures will be implemented at Sagtatun school and kindergarten. Both school and kindergarten will remain at the yellow lever and the focus will be on taking care of children and young people. No infection has been detected in schools and kindergartens. 
  • Sharpened visitation control at care centers throughout the municipality. 

  • Balestrand Idrettslag will close the sports hall until further notice for all activities. The municipality has closed Belehalli for all leisure activities until further notice. 

  • The municipal service desks in Sogndal, Leikanger and Balestrand will be closed to the public. You can reach the municipality by calling 57 65 25 00. 

  • Sogndal municipality encourages everyone who can to have home office. Postpone physical meetings if possible or do them digitally. We would also like to remind everyone to keep a distance of two meters in the work place.   

  • All political meetings next week will be digital. 

  • Sogndal municipality encourages everyone to keep the infection control rules. Don't go on unnecessary travels, and don't go on unnecessary visit.

(3March2021) On Wednesday, 4 people in Sogndal municipality tested positive for the corona virus. The four are based in Balestrand, and there is now an outbreak of the corona virus in this part of the municipality.